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SAUX PICART Stéphane (Version française disponible)

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Stéphane Saux Picart

Ocean Remote Sensing Scientist

Centre de Météorologie Spatiale de Météo France
Avenue de Lorraine
22300 Lannion

Phone : (+33) 02 96 05 67 07

Fax : (+33) 02 96 05 67 37

Mail :

top Research Interests

  • Infrared Remote Sensing of Sea Surface Temperature
  • Diurnal warming of the top layer of the ocean
  • Biology feedback on heat content of the mixed layer of the ocean

top Projects

EUMETSAT OSI-SAF: Ocean and Sea Ice Sattelite Application Facility. Development and validation of operational sea surface temperature and radiative fluxes products (

top Publications


  • Saux Picart S., Allen J. I., Butenschön M., Artioli Y., de Mora L., Wakelin S., and Holt J.: What can ecosystem models tell us about the risk of eutrophication in the North Sea? (2014) Climatic Change. DOI
  • Wesselink A., Challinor A., Watson J., Beven K., Allen I., Hanlon H., Lopez S., Otto F., Morse A., Cameron R., Saux Picart S., Stainforth D., Suckling E. EQUIPed to deal with uncertainty in climate and impacts predictions: lessons from peer review (2014). Climatic Change. DOI


  • Saux Picart S., Sathyendranath S., Dowell M., Moore T., and Platt T. Remote sensing of assimilation number for marine phytoplankton (2013). Remote Sensing of Environment, DOI
  • Tett, P., Gowen, R., Painting, S., Elliott, M., Foster, R., Mills, D., Bresnan, E., Capuzzo, E., Fernandes, T., Foden, J., Geider, R., Gilpin, L., Huxham, M., McQuatters-Gollop, A., Malcolm, S., Saux Picart, S., Platt, T., Racault, M.-F., Sathyendranath, S., Wilkinson, M. A framework for understanding and monitoring marine ecosystem health (2013). Marine Ecology Progress Series. 494:1-27.


  • Saux Picart S., Butenschön, M., and Shutler, J. D.: Wavelet-based spatial comparison technique for analysing and evaluating two-dimensional geophysical model fields (2012). Geoscientific Model Development, 4, 223-230, DOI
  • Hirata T., Saux Picart S., Hashioka T., Aita-Noguchi M., Sumata H., Shigemitsu M., Allen J. I., Yamanaka Y.: A comparison between phytoplankton community structures derived from a global 3D ecosystem model and satellite observation (2012). Journal of Marine Systems, ISSN 0924-7963, DOI
  • Verhoeff A., Ottlé O., Cappelaere B., Murray T., Saux Picart S., Zribi M., Maignan F., Boulain N., Demarty J., Ramier D. Spatio-temporal surface soil heat flux estimates from satellite data; results for the AMMA experiment at the Fakara (Niger) supersite (2012). Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 154-155, 55-66, DOI


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  • Reul N., Saux Picart S., Chapron B., Vandemark D., Tournadre J., Salisbury J. (2009). Demonstration of ocean surface salinity microwave measurements from space using AMSR-E data over the Amazon plume. Geophysical Research Letters, 36, 1-5, DOI
  • Boone, A., P. de Rosnay, G. Basalmo, A. Beljaars, F. Chopin, B. Decharme, C. Delire, A. Ducharne, S. Gascoin, M. Grippa, F. Guichard, Y. Gusev, P. Harris, L. Jarlan, L. Kergoat, E. Mougin, O. Nasonova, A. Norgaard, T. Orgeval, C. Ottlé, I. Poccard-Leclercq, J. Polcher, I. Sandholt, S. Saux-Picart, C. Taylor, and Y. Xue. The AMMA Land Surface Model Intercomparison Project (2009). Bulletin of American Meteorological Society, 90(12), 1865-1880, DOI
  • S. Saux Picart, C. Ottlé, A. Perrier, B. Decharme, B. Coudert, M. Zribi, N. Boulain, B. Cappelaere, D. Ramier. SEtHyS_Savannah: A multiple source land surface model applied to Sahelian landscapes (2009). Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 149 1421–1432.
  • S. Saux Picart, C. Ottlé, B. Decharme, C. André, M. Zribi, A. Perrier, B. Coudert, N. Boulain, B. Cappelaere, L. Descroix, D. Ramier. Water and energy budgets simulation over the AMMA-Niger super-site spatially constrained with remote sensing data (2009). Journal of Hydrology. DOI
  • B. Decharme, C. Ottlé, S. Saux Picart, N. Boulain, B. Cappelaere, D. Ramier and M. Zribi. A New Land Surface Hydrology within the Noah-WRF Land-Atmosphere Mesoscale Model Applied to Semiarid Environment: Evaluation over the Dantiandou Kori (Niger) (2009). Advances in Meteorology. Article ID 731874, DOI


  • Zribi M, Saux Picart S, Andre C, Descroix L, Ottlé C, Kallel A. Soil moisture mapping based on ASAR/ENVISAT radar data over a Sahelian region (2007). International Journal of Remote Sensing, Vol. 28 (16), 3547-3565.

top Courses Taught

  • Remote Sensing Sea Surface Temperature (3h): annual CMS training « Eléments de télédétection spatiale depuis l’espace », september 2014.
  • Remote Sensing Sea Surface Temperature (3h): Master in Physical Oceanography, ENSTA, Brest, october 2014